Build a Career for the Metaverse

No Experience Required --- Just Desire and Passion


Apply for our upcoming six-month program to be held in Baltimore, MD.  We teach you want you need to become a developer/designer for the Metaverse.  You'll learn how to design and code for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed-Reality (MR) applications that businesses and government agencies need. You'll work on real projects --- building experience --- not a portfolio.

No Cost To You

Except your time and 100% effort.  At the end of the program - if you pass -  you will be guaranteed at least one job offer.




Even if all you want to do is code, you need to know how to design applications that customers want.  By learning design, even as developer, you'll learn to work with development teams to deliver successful projects.


You will learn C#, Unity, and Blender.  In addition, you'll learn applications to develop blockchain applications.   


Success a developer or designer isn't just about being an expert with the tools and technologies.  You'll learn how to work in a professional tech environment, how to work in teams, and communicate your ideas to your peers and managers.


Thanks for Your Interest -- We will Get back to you ASAP!


About Us

 We are Core Immersive Labs.  We are a technology company focused on building a better metaverse.  Our company was founded because our own teams lacked the diversity of talent needed to build better solutions for our clients.  Our mission is to find, teach, and develop emerging talent from underserved communiities  that want to build their careers as 'in-demand' developers and designers.

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