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Hi! I am
Paolo Narciso


I am a just a guy who likes tackling social problems.  Sometimes I do so by writing children's books, facilitating workshops,  visualizing data, creating a software program, creating a company, or through education.  I get to do all of this because I've been lucky enough to get the education, experiences, and opportunities through the years.   But that's the point of this site and community.  Many do not.  So the goal of this project is to discuss ideas on how we create opportunities for everyone especially as we begin the next technological revolution --- Web3 and the Metaverse (whatever that is).   I also teach technology for those who want to learn --- for free --- no catch.  So join me in building this community by contributing stories, how-to articles, and even hosting technology education in your community.  Join or promote a class.  Or just say 'hi'!

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